P.Ramlee SignatureKOOL Master

This is P.Ramlee’s new home on the cyberworld where his mega talents should be honoured, revered and being pondered upon – generations after his demise. I am but only one of his millions of fans young and old. I have been entertained, teased and debugged by him through his movies and songs for all those wonderful years and in return I shall be happy to just salute him in my own way. May God bless his unique soul. Al-Fatihah!

I have scoured the big digital frontier looking for some information on this great man and from what I have found, it was a really disappointed and sad affair. Not even our authority or authorities has given this man a place to be considered ‘decent’ for a man of his stature. We call him ‘The Legend’ or ‘Seniman Agung’ or some other honorific title but nothing on the digital information reflects what he was meant to be. Many has ripped his legendary status for their own greed and benefit, but none has given a byte of thought even to just remember him for what he was. But I know some did, because they loved him. Just like I did and do and shall be…

So here I am to the best of my ability; trying to give this great man a deserved home in this brave new world of digital techno-wizardry. I have few resources but I would not complain. I have given him my ‘time’ and my skill as a webmaster, which I have acquired and learnt from the generous net communities from around the world. And whoever says we have lost that loving feeling to our fellow human beings? Well, I don’t and I know for sure some other people of all colours and races who don’t. I salute them all too! They are the unselfish lot. Long Live Humanity!!!


The Multi-Tasking Man
This is only a little step. As I tread along and as I rummage through the vast world wide web looking for more data (I don’t have the connection to obtain information from the so-called authoritive sources), I shall update these pages with any new information and/or bits of trivia. There are so many great things to say and write and talk and discuss about this legendary man, I don’t even know where to begin.

He was a multi-tasking man. He was very good if not a master of the many artistic crafts he has the benefit of absorbing from those people who used to be his master. They knew that he was going to be a legend and greater than they themselves could ever hope to be. And they were right. He was already a legend in his prime. Some envied him and tried to emulate him, some tried very hard to be better and then, needless to say; some were very jealous of his success. Some even hate him for being such a popular and well-liked personality.

He was such a charismatic person that he commanded presence wherever he ploded; on film sets, on stage, in music studio and anywhere else for that matter. On the silver screen, the mere presence of him eclipsed everyone else. He was magical…

Memories Are Made Of These
He did not fade out into history. He did not have to make a new movie, write a new song or create a new comedy. He has left us with so many gems it will take us generations to savour all. As time flies, his creations become rarer and his works become harder to follow.

Sleep…, that’s all he has to do. And he is having a long and peaceful sleep in a voyage to eternity. Farewell dear Master. You’ll be here in our hearts and minds as long as the stars are twinkling and the moon is shining bright. Needless to say; you are the star and the moon.

If you KOOL people have the time; listen to any of his classic song. It will sooth your tired mind and then it will devour your senses and you shall find new inspiration with each session. It is a chronically magical sensation! Words have not yet being created to express those feelings…

The Digital Era
And so, for any of you KOOL Netizens who happens to feel that he or she could or should contribute with any information, pix or trivia from this great artiste; please pass them to me and I shall be pleased to embed any bits and bytes into one of these pages.

To P.Ramlee’s fan who happens to be here by design or by default, please forgive me if this Tribute Webiste is not up to your standard of liking. I have done my very best; and my talents are just some little fragments of his greatness!