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Novel – Man.Digital Book 1
Chapter 1 to 10 [Paperback]

I have just finished rewriting and updating my novel – Man.Digital Book 1. It is a bilingual novel from my original television screenplay; with dialogues in Bahasa Melayu. It is now on sale in the USA and International markets and is available at eStore and

This novel could be used as a reference and/or guide for screen-writers as well as those would-be screen-writer. It is written in a standard Hollywood format, which sadly was not followed and/or favored by most of our local (Malaysia) screen-writers – with humble respect, I don’t really know why. I would think that someday soon I shall translate the whole novel into English for the consumption of the whole world.

Man.Digital Book 1 – a novel in a screenplay format is not an original idea; because it has been done in Hollywood by the Master of Macabre himself – Mister Stephen King. It is his book Storm of The Century that inspires me to turn my screenplay into this novel.

Man.Digital Book 1

Man.Digital Book 1

  • Title – Man.Digital Book 1 [Paperback]
    ISBN-10 – 1453778101
    ISBN-13 – 978-1453778104
    Primary Category – Fiction / Action & Adventure
    Publisher – CreateSpace
    Country of Publication – United States of America
    Language – English and Bahasa Melayu
    Number of Pages- 322
    Interior Type – Black and White
    Trim Size – 6″ x 9″
    Binding – US Trade Paper
    Paper Color – Cream
    Author – Ali Sobree