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Malam@KL – Lolongan Dari Zon Gelap
Night@KL – Dawn Is Still Too Far Away

A taxi driver is on his last nightly routine after promising his pregnant wife to switch to a daytime shift.

There are bills to be paid the very next morning – so the taxi-man embarks on his usual route, ferrying up various characters; with a steely determination to get enough pickings for tomorrow’s outlay.

A minute after midnight in Kuala Lumpur – and it starts to drizzle. And then there are flashes of lightning – followed by some distant thunderous sound.

Rain falls intermittently on his taxi’s windshield – and the wind starts to howl. Dawn is still far away – too far, perhaps…


Night@KL - Dawn Is Still Too Far Away

Lagenda Nakhoda Tanggang
The Legend of Captain Tanggang

A full animation movie or a live-action movie with CGI. Tanggang is a young athletic man belonging to a Sakai Tribe – living with his community in a secluded part of an inlet of one of those Malay Archipelago’s inland.

Tanggang is heartbroken when a girl of his dream Bulan is being offered by her parents for marriage to his tribe leader’s son. He sets out to find his fortune, to come back and wins her hand in time before the marriage. But fate would meddle with his plan.

Tanggang is kidnapped when he is out on his maiden voyage away from his tribe’s village in his brand new custom-made sampan. He is being taken on board a monster ship, the likes of which he has never before seen.

And Tanggang’s mother cries days and nights – hoping and wishing for her son to come back to her again someday soon. But then Tanggang has other plans as he makes his way into his kidnappers lair.

The Legend of Captain Tanggang

The Legend of Captain Tanggang

Jendela Misteri
Window To A Mystery

A 30-minute physocological-thriller for a TV series. The pilot has been shot at the mystical Tasek Chini (Lake Chini) in the heart of the rain-forest jungle of Pahang, Malaysia.

Jendela Misteri

A Window To A Mystery

Sebuah Villa Di Atas Bukit
A Villa On A Hill

A kid hears some arguments late into the night. When he comes down the stairs, his parents are sprawled in the living room; both brutally murdered. He grows up, trying to figure out what has really happened on that fateful night so long ago…


A group of personnel from a consultant agency works late one stormy night in a secluded part of their company’s building. On a typical night like that, something is bound to happen. And surely, one of the woman is killed and there is no one else in the vicinity of the protected area except a guard who happens to admire the dead woman.


The Mysterious Guard


The Movie (Sanggahara – Part II)
The Legend Of Admiral Tanggang (Sanggahara – Part I)
The Alien Karak (Sanggahara – Part III)

A science-fiction action-adventure feature-film trilogy. The story takes place in three different time-frames : the earliest century, current year and a thousand years into the future.

Secebis Waktu
A Fragment Of Time

An adventure love story set in an idyllic tropical island off the coast of Malaysia. The story starts with the arrival of a mysterious young woman, watched from one of the waterfront villa by a man who pretends to be a painter.

Secebis Waktu

A Fragment Of Time

Puteri Tasek Naga
Princess Of The Lake

This is an animation movie. A spell is cast to a beautiful princess turning her into a mighty she-dragon; guarding a mysterious and mystical lake which covered a powerful underwater kingdom. This is a tale of love, revenge and mighty war with witches and wizards and of course a handsome prince who would risk everything to win the she-dragon’s heart.

POTL Poster

Princess Of The Lake