The Misadventures of Huru-Hara
Huru and Hara are two orphaned boys sheltered by their tribe’s medicine-man. They dream of becoming the tribe’s fearless warriors and embarked on daily short journeys to hunt in the open safari, primarily to feed their empty bellies. They would start at dawn and would return at dusk with nary a single prey to their name. And they have the cheek to have an eye for the village beauty Zuwena, daughter of their fearsome chief. But there’s nothing like having a go at what you always dream of. There’s nothing wrong with trying, or is there?

Sheng-Reela – A Mystical Adventure
Prince Sheng and his companion a mystical animal called Reela travelled across the world to find an invisible gate to his mother’s kingdom in the sky. He would have to reclaim the kingdom from his mother’s ex-suitor in the form of another sky kingdom ruler, the powerful Maharajah Jajaka and his evil wizards. Sheng and Reela, together with new-found friends of lost aliens with their little space-ship head together through countless journeys that would pit them against all kind of enemies before they could even get to the mystical gate.

Pahlawan V – Warriors Five
A futuristic animation TV series featuring five Super-Hero kids with magical electronic weapons designed by Professor Zeus to combat evil humans and monsters in a city called Metro-Data. We have issued a special animation telemovie version of the first four episodes of this title.

Kinjang – The Movie
Brace yourselves for a new Superhero. He’s Malaysian, he’s an Orang Asli and he’s super rich. He’s got a wolf named Topan as his sidekick – and his name is Kinjang.

Kinjang - The Movie

Kinjang - The Movie

ToonzSparX Studio – Signature
ToonzSparX Studio is funded by Strategic Park Sdn. Bhd. which start it’s maiden production in March 2005 with this signature clip.

ToonzSparX Studio Mascot

ToonzSparX Studio Signature