My 52nd BD

A Present For My FFF – Friends, Fans and Family

2010 June and I’ll be 52.

Here is a song I wrote way back in 1986 when I left my job at MMC (Malaysia Mining Corporation) Marketing Sdn. Bhd. to go full-time into our local entertainment world.

I’ve recorded this song at a one of my good friend’s studio in Subang in June 1995 (if memory does not elude me). I was thinking of producing an album at that time, but I was held back with commitments to a lot of television productions then.

So; Ali Yassin (Yes, his name is also Ali) – and I would jam late at night into the morning every time we were free (free means Ali Yassin would not have a recording session and I would not have any television production to attend to).

We would sit down and arrange the music; sometimes missing our meals and snacks altogether. We shared about the same taste in music and so it was easy and a breeze anytime we worked together.

There were a lot of songs that we’ve recorded. But today, I am publishing this song as a ‘Birthday Present’ to all my friends, fans and family. I do not know whether I still have fans though. But friends – I would like to think that I have a few; and family – I certainly have an awesome bundle.

This song was not published anywhere before. The mixing was actually rough for we did not have the time and opportunity to final-mix the song. I do not have appropriate video to attach this song to; so I put up some images from some television production that I’ve directed and produced throughout the years.

Nonetheless – enjoy it, please.

  • Selamat Tinggal Kotaraya
  • Di pagi yang hening sepi
    Pertama diriku menjejakkan kaki
    Di dadamu yang penuh misteri

    Sesungguhnya hati terpesona
    Wangi asmara dan birunya cinta
    Tapi ku harus pulang segera
    Kerana rinduku di timur sana oh

    Selamat tinggal kotaraya
    Debumu yang berbisa mencacatkan asmara
    Dihati ku yang dukacita

    Sesungguhnya hati terpesona
    Wangi asmara dan birunya cinta
    Entah bilakah akan berjumpa
    Aduhai rinduku oh dimana
    Di mana…

    • Words, Song and Vocals : Ali Sobree
      Music Arrangements : Ali Yassin and Ali Sobree
      Copyright : Ali Sobree @ AiskOOL 2010