Love And Love Again

You fell in love and then you fell out of love and you long for a new love. Love is such a mess but still scores of people love to get into the messy affair. Love is life’s pain and pleasure…

Ladies in the pix-play : The Pretty Emma Sarimah – The Talented Raja Noorsukma – The KOOL Mazuin Hamzah – The Voluptuous Noreen Noor – The Jazz Queen Sheila Majed – The Gorgeous Norjie Ali and The Curvaceous Lizawati Hamdan. The Old Woman is not my grandma.

Bercinta Bercinta

Bercinta bercinta orang bercinta
Di dalam dunia semua bercinta
Banyak caranya dan akibatnya
Kau menderita kau kan bahagia

Habis manis kau buangkan sepahnya
Habis duit kau tinggalkan dirinya
Begitulah akibatnya bercinta
Tapi banyak pula yang bahagia

  • Words and Song : D’Lloyd
    Music and Vocals : Ali Sobree
    Video Copyright – Ali Sobree @ AisKOOL 2011