A Whisper To Yesterday

Whisper to the enchanting wind and bring back your love ones to your waiting arms.

This song is one of my favorites from an Indonesian super band The Mercy’s. I used to sing this with my Kapok guitar when I started out way back in the 1970s.


Di keheningan malam
Dalam seksaan sunyi yang mencengkam
Maafkanlah sayang
Hati yang merana semenjak berpisah
Aduhai sayang
Merana berpisah sayang
Jatuhlah berderai si airmata

Oh angin sampaikanlah
Bisikan rindu hatiku padanya
Kembalilah sayang
Si buah hatiku pujaan kalbu
Aduhai sayang
Rindu hatiku sayang
Rindu padamu si buah hati

  • Words and Song : The Mercy’s
    Music and Vocals : Ali Sobree
    Video Copyright – Ali Sobree @ AisKOOL 2011