Looking Forward To Yesterday

We are always looking forward to the next day. Next day might bring us luck, so we think; so we hope. Or tomorrow we might get that lucky break we’ve been waiting for. We might get our dream car, our dream house, our dream vacation that we’ve been planning ages ago…

KOOL day ; tomorrow it seems.

MumMy Mum 1956

My Mum 1956

But there were yesterday to look forward too. It’s dead and gone no doubt. But memories linger on. They live right infront of our very eyes, waiting for a playback button. Or a rewind button.

I have sweet memories of days gone by; those days that never appear to vanish from my mind. And I’m very fond of all those KOOL yester-things. Elvis was the King, Muhammad Ali was the Greatest, New Wave was hip and Jazz was KOOL.

And my dearest pretty, loving mum was around. Before her, my grandpa and grandma was around too. I’ve loved them, and still I do. And I will love them surely till all the stars will burn away, till the clock stops ticking, till time proceeds to stand still…

And there were others as well. Some were my good and dear friends. Some were people I knew from my childhood. But they never left, really. They were in my heart, embedded and engraved ; assimilated forever and beyond yonder.

If ever there was a way, I would love to be back again to yesterday. I wanna see those faces again, hear their voices. They never fade away, they just assimilated into my emotion.

Those Were The Days

Grand ParentsMy Grandpa, My Grandma, My Sis and I

My Grandpa, My Grandma, My Sis and Me

Memories never seem to disengage themselves from our fickle minds. It’s sweet, it’s bitter, it’s everything. It’s sweet because of happiness that they brought to envelope our lives. It’s bitter because it’s not there anymore in our real world. They are not there but they are not gone. They live somewhere in our heart and mind, forever…

How I always cherished my childhood. I loved those simple yesteryears where I could just put on my soccer boots and kicked a ball or two with all my good friends until the light faded out and the night was creeping in, or jumped onto our old two-wheelers and vroomed across infront of some girls’ house or took out our comic books and sprawled ourselves under a shade besides a KOOL stream to read. Or we might just ganged-up on Friday night to watch our favourite western. Clint was ‘The Man’ and Lee Van Cleef too. And then there was those Hindi movies where all the girls would parade along to watch with their big sisters or their mother tagging along for added security.

I wonder where has all those lovely time gone to as I hear my grand-parents yelling at my sister and I not to play in the rain. But raindrops will keep falling on my head…

Al-Fatihah (Prayers) for both of my grand-parents and my mum who are gone but would never be forgotten. They will be here as the sweetest memories that will remain as sweet for a timeless eternity. And thanks to my father and sister who are still around; and my wife and kids to keep me company until it is my turn to dream in a long sleep of voyage into the next destination where all the people before us has gone to congregate.

ParentsMy Dad, My Mum and I

My Dad, My Mum and Me

I’m sure it would be a real KOOL and nice place to be… (Heaven that is!) I wanna see those KOOL people I loved so much, again and forever. And I shall wait along the corridor of time…

Until then, I’ll spend my time on this real world, as well as this cyber-world.

1st. pix was my late mum in 1956.

2nd. pix was my home where I was raised by my late grand-dad Muda Haji Ismail and my late grand-ma Fatimah Taib. With me in the pix was my sister Sabariah.

In the 3rd. pix was me and my parents, taken when I was 3 years old.