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Get a free blog here – that’s what it says. Ah! Now this is one blogging service that caught my attention; it’s clean and professional looking, with some awesome themes. I was spoilt for choices. You can blog like the world will never end, or you can create pages so it would look like a regular website. This is why I’m right here tinkling on the keyboards, transferring my previous site and rewriting anew. Now I’ll treat this place as my Official Personal Website.

Just Google it! Others are a few laps behind. You mean you don’t Google? Ouch!!! And I’ve Got GMail… Yahoo!!! I mean Yee Haa!!! You mean you don’t have a GMail?


Luiz Ronaldo Of Brazil

Now – this is the place where everyone seems to go crazy; putting their minds on their walls and their friends’ walls, liking this and liking that, and connecting to various applications from games to quizzes. But I have connected with about 20 odd old friends – some of whom I have not seen for over 20 years. Now that’s what I call a social site!

Do you know the song Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Chirp by Middle Of The Road? Never mind – if you like to chirp and chirp and sing and tweet like a bird; Twitter is the thing. You can just about say anything that comes to your mind and post it online for the whole world to know whether you are a dumb-ass person or a brilliant genius at work. But you have to keep it short; about 140 words per tweet. But then; you can tweet as much as you like. Who needs a blog?

Need no introduction, actually. Immensely popular portal – especially now that they are offering unlimited storage of Free E-Mail. Alas, they have closed down Geocities – where people like me have been prowling all these years. But never fear – there are other places you could put your thinking; like those blogging and social websites.

Microsoft Outlook
Used to be Hot – I mean Hotmail. A great name to be associated with.

Michael Jackson

The King Of Pop Michael Jackson

Now this is on fire! I use this on all my ToonzSparX Studio’s machines – as well as my home computers. Love everything about it. Now, a litlle speed added would not hurt – it would be just fine and dandy. Bug-fix it please you poggy-coddy guys!

This browser is damn fast and portable. I use it on my 2GB thumb-drive as well as my 320GB external hard-disk which I carry around instead of a lap-top. I have Firefox portable as well. Damn good too…

Formula One
Pump up your volume and your adrenalin! If you are into motor racing, check this out.

World Soccer
If you feel like making a statement; kick da’ ball! Yes… the round one, the one the superstar-millionaires chase all over the field – not those pair belonging to your Boss!

O Fenomeno R9 of Brazil
The greatest footballer of all time. Ronaldo is a living legend. Nothing else to say.

Lord Of The Rings
Lord of the Cinema! Film-making at its best!!! I salute Peter ‘The Lord’ Jackson.

Qui-Gon Jinn

Qui-Gon Jinn Of Star Wars

How anything works. But does not tell you how to make your brain works. Gotta figure it out yourself.

Elvis Presley
The Great King is alive – at least in this cyber-world. Other King wannabe please Do Your Thing and You’ll Be King like Da’ King!

Michael Jackson
The King of Pop is perhaps the greatest artiste ever. Who can ever sing and dance like him?

PC Magazine
A PC Mag like no other. I’ve learnt much from them people…

Star Wars
George Lucas please take note – I want to be a Jedi Knight in my next life!

A place where a great group of skinners congregate. No, not animal skinners or anything like that. They are GUI skinners. They skin your applications like… nothing to compare!

To outer space and beyond! Behold the endless vista of heavenly bodies.

Star Trek

Deep Space - Where No Man Has Gone Before

Daily Rotation
A place to get info on tech news, forums, downloads for applications, utilities, software… whatever! You’ll spend hours just following the daily updated links. Great site to bookmark.

Panda Cloud Antivirus
One of the better freeware Cloud Anti-Virus. No need to update anything – it would just protect your machine(s). I personally use it on my home machine and my laptop.

You’ve got Bond on your machine? SpyBot will ‘Search and Destroy’ any Super-Spy and Super-Agent that scours the alleyways of our complex Operating System. Kaboom!!!

LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. You can manage your professional identity – build and engage with your professional network and access knowledge, insights and opportunities.

The Spoof
Don’t yell at me if you’ve got Spoofed at this Spoofy Site. Spoolendid and Spootanstic!

Life is a mystery. Death is a mystery. What else are mysterious and strange? Goddamned everything it seems! I mean, really… I think I’ve said it before. Oh yeah; it’s Deja Vu, if I’m not