I’m Alive and AisKOOL!!!

Are you alive and KOOL? Raindrops are KOOL. Snow is KOOL. The Net is KOOL. You people are superKOOL! There’s nothing KOOLer than being KOOL and Wise. Made me think of KOOL and the Gang – wherever they may be.

Hmm…, done it! Been there! Something else maybe. Just thinking. Ah yes! I want to paint. I used to win prizes when I was small. Maybe digital painting? I’ll start with Terragen…


Digital Paint with Terragen

Or maybe I should become a naval architect. I used to be a naval draftsman at Limbungan Timur Sdn. Bhd. down at my hometown Kuala Terengganu right after finishing my secondary school way back in 1976.

Do Raindrops Keep Falling On Your Head?

I loved to play in the rain when I was small. It was a blessing. It still is. But sometimes, it brings misery and sadness. And I don’t like heavy rain, floods, thunderstorms or such. I love snow maybe but alas, no such phenomena at my city. So rain it is until then, perhaps.

Fate Will Lead The Willing…

AisKOOL - Digital Paint

AisKOOL - Digital Paint

Wise man says only fools rush in. But, another one says fate will lead the willing and drag the unwilling. And another says Do Your Things and You’ll Be King! So shall it be. I shall do what I want to do, and so do you good people who are ogling at this piece of my mind. Now; what is that, that you wanna do? Go for it. Do it!

But of course, do the GOOD things like we were told by our beloved parents when we were small. I love my parents and so do you KOOL people! Alas, my mum is dead and gone (God bless her!) but her memory would linger on my mind forever.

Hmm! Those were the days…