KOOL Greetings

Ali Sobree @ AisKOOL

Welcome to Ali Sobree @ AisKOOL

Welcome all KOOL netizens.
This is a landing port where you can sail the cyberwind and surf for some KOOL places where I’ve lodged my works and penned (or punched?) my thoughts. I’ve composed and written; sung and published some music albums – done some video and television productions – done some animations and written a novel or two. I’ve done other things as well – just KOOL stuff though.
My dear Netizens; just click and have some fun – and be KOOL like no other…

Although most of my work needs me to be in a studio or to be out there on a shooting location, I still love to embed myself at my desk sometimes, just to meddle with things or update myself with my readings – books or newspapers or anything that I could lay my eyes on including the great WWW of course!

I love to do so many things, I think 24 hours is not enough for me. I need maybe another 6 hours daily. Why can’t they make it 30 hours per day? Heh! We need the earth to rotate slower around the sun. I need to check with NASA though. Perhaps they would advice me to migrate to Mars or some other planet. I would love to! Let me think; Yeah! I’m brave enough.

When I started acquainting myself with the World Wide Web ten long years ago, web design was an alien world to me; although I was introduced to the design world at a very young age (I was 6 years old when I earned my first fee as a calligraphy artist).

Tuan Polo - BAE

Directing BAE Personnel - Tuan Polo 1991

Year 2000 – I didn’t have a computer at home. After each day’s work at 11.00 pm, I would cycle to our neighborhood internet cafe and would start joining the global digital revolution. I would learn to create some e-mails and began contacting and connecting people all over the world – any people, for I did not even have a single friend who would have an e-mail that I knew of then. I would come home when dawn was breaking and my wife would already be up, tending to my still little kids for their school.

Yahoo and Hotmail were kings then. Google was young; plain white, barren and abandoned looking. I would surf everywhere, searched everything.  The new border-less world was downright fascinating. Then I would discover this alien language called HTML. Indeed it was alien-looking but I would be intrigued and hooked like some puffy thingy called Lucky Strike. Then there was DHTML and others too. And of course much later, I would not have the slightest idea what the fuss CSS was all about. Of course I did then, later.

AisKOOL - Digital Paint

AisKOOL - Digital Paint

I scribbled my very first homepage at WYSIWYG Homestead, then migrated to Yahoo Geocities. I tried very hard; too hard I guess, and would end up putting everything that would ever come spinning and shimmering to my naive digital mind.

However, I would learn everything that I could; all by my hungry-like-a-wolf-self. I would peruse and micro-view tens of thousands of those digital cyber pages, trying to figure out the coded lingo.  Bravenet helped a lot. I would download tutorials to hundreds of floppy disks (where were the thumb-drives when I needed them?) and would start to understand the coded lines.


Live From The Pyramid 1985

Year 2009 – Googling was the thing, Yahoo was still around, Hotmail would improve somewhat, Netscape was drifting in far-out digital space and into the cyber black-hole, Firefox was becoming bloated, Opera was looking better, Windows XP were running on my 20 workstations (no Vista or Windows 7 yet), Fedora was serving my animation studio network, my kids were gluing themselves to MySpace and YouTube, and I would become a little older and hopefully wiser.

And now come this Blogging thingy, Twitter and Facebook; rocking the cyber universe like a cosmic hurricane – not to mention those little applications – WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram – on every smart-phones and tabs and net-books and laptops.

Android? I thought it was an automaton that resembles a human being…